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Mike and Pete
Great gig at Empire Casino with Angel Rios and invited artist Jorge Castro
We had a great show at the Casino.jpg.jpg.jpg  Thank you Jimmy Delgado it was fun playing with you a
With Chino Nunez at Westgate Lounge.jpg Great seeing him.jpg He always puts on a great show
The old crew from Brooklyn at Tesorts.jpg Roberto Rodriguez Jr.jpg, Cholo Rivera, Me, and Tony Ortiz
Great time at the Casino with el tremendo Carlitos Padron.jpg  Gracias Carlitos
Great job at Empire Casino wirh Swing Sabroso by the invited artists Adriel Gonzalez II and Pablo Sa
Gig over.jpg At casino with Roberto Rodriguez Jr.jpg And Mauricio Smith Jr who did a tremendous job
Me, Al Acosta and Roberto Rodriguez Jr.jpg after we finished the gig at Empire Casino
With Angel Rios and Adriel Gonzalez II after our show with Frankie Ruiz Jr
Great time at Casino with Angel Rios and Eddie Montalvo
Empire Easter April 16, 2017
At Mi Casita
Pocholo, Angel, and Joe Dee
Annie La Salsaera
El Cartero and Johnny Mambo
With Mike Acosta and El Cartero
Great Guys
Coney Island
Empire Casino 7/26/16
Recording Session 2015
At a gig
Princeton - Summer Concert Series
Swing Sabroso Singers
Puerto Rican Festival in Conneticut
Swing Sabroso-Sinatra Park Hoboken
Puerto Rican Festival in Conneticut
Empire Casino
Empire Casino - 7/5/16
Empire Casino - 7/12/16
Empire Casino - 7/19/16
Rutgers University Performance
Swing Sabroso
Danny Mendez.jpeg
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