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SWING SABROSO released their 21st Anniversary CD, seven years after their last recording. It is presented under the guidance and leadership of Eddie Muñiz, with respectful remembrance of the band’s founder, Ray Rodriguez, who passed away in 2016. This album recorded by SWING SABROSO musicians represents an assemblage of the most essential musical elements, bringing together the old and the new. With tempos and arrangements from inspired craftsmen and revered guests, SWING SABROSO combines the sounds of today with the nostalgia of yesterday. The talented artists, described by Muñiz as a family, are dedicated to ensuring every performance entertains listeners and dancers of all ages. Arrangements are provided by Isidro Infante, Oscar Hernández, Angel Fernández, Pablo Chino Nuñez, Ramon Sánchez, Willie Ruiz, and Efrain Davila. Quality inclusions come from our special guests Arturo Ortiz, and José Tabares, with contributions by Charlie Donato, John Upegui, Lino Iglesias, and Samuel Navarro. Top-notch vocals pulled together Angel Rios (Lead singer) and special guests Anthony Almonte Leon (Vocal Producer) and Adriel Gonzalez (background vocals). Watching great singers work together is an amazing experience. This recording is produced for dancers and music lovers worldwide. It is dedicated to the extremely talented, devoted, and essential musicians of Swing Sabroso who made it possible. Liner Notes by José Calderón and Dawn Cullen

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